Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Which dental laboratories will my dentist choose to make my crown, denture, veneer?

Local Dental Laboratories

When choosing a dentist, you are also choosing his technicians who will be making your crowns, veneers etc.

At 310 Dental Care we will carry out treatment to the very best of standards, but it is the technician who makes the crown etc. We use the best dental laboratories, which fortunately are local. We work closely with the dental technicians to achieve the best cosmetic and functional result. For cosmetic cases, we arrange for you to meet the technician to discuss the shade and shape of the restoration.

Why choose us?
One of your first considerations when choosing a practice or dentist would be their ability. How can this be gauged? One way is to look at their qualifications. Do they have an advanced degree?
You may want to know if your dentist keeps up to date with the latest techniques, is the equipment modern and clean. Are they patient and gentle?
Is the dental practice convenient to get to? Are all the facilities on the ground floor for easy access?

Our dental clinic scores highly on all of the above points and the majority of our new patients come to us via personal referral.

What happens if I have an out of hours dental emergency?
Our philosophy is to see you on the day you phone us with your concerns. This happens routinely during the week. We offer early mornings, lunch time, evenings and Saturday appointments to ensure everyone is cared for.

There is provision for emergency dental care on weekends and public holidays. Details of which are available by telephoning the practice on 01865 766975.