Written Testimonials

“Like most people going to the dentist every six months was not my idea of fun, however having been a patient of 310 Dental Practice for many years, I can honestly say that 310 Practice is not only professional but at the same time, the team are warm and friendly. They also take the time to fully understand your individual needs rather than simply another patient!
My Dentist and I have total confidence in him which in turn gives me confidence when undergoing treatment.

Many thanks to all the team.”

Ms. W. from Oxon

“The most important thing for me when choosing a dentist is to find someone you can trust 100%. Dr is technically brilliant and I trust him implicitly. I really do believe I couldn’t receive better treatment elsewhere.”

Mrs. G. from Oxford

“I have known Dr, since my first examination and treatment plan for my dental care (March 2012). I appreciate Dr ability to communicate effectively, with empathy, knowledge and care. Dr together with his assistant form a very good Team, they create a welcoming environment, their treatment is explained and the stress of the treatment reduced.I am very pleased with the results of my dental care. In my opinion, Dr’s dental care is outstanding.”

“During my on-going treatment at 310 Dental Care I was advised to receive Periodontal treatment. I was horrified by this as I had previous treatment at a Specialist and this had been unsuccessful. This previous treatment took place several years ago on the 31st October and after a full mouth treatment I had left the surgery looking like something out of a Halloween movie, and fairly traumatised. I had had one initial consultation and then straight into treatment. This was followed up with a couple of hygienist appointments.

After a year or two of continued persuasion and encouragement, but also explanation to what the treatment at 310 would include I finally agreed to begin this “course” of treatment. Although not without some trepidation this agreement to treatment was also essential due to the deterioration of my gum health and increasing pockets. The whole team could not have been more supportive and encouraging during the build up. This involved several lessons preparing for the treatment, ensuring that the mouth was as clean as possible above the gums, but also demonstrating and practicing techniques to ensure success of the outcome. I was amazed, I literally learned the correct way to brush my teeth.

These appointments were fitted around my work commitments, early morning and even on a Saturday! Dr was keen to accommodate me when I was in the country, and make it as easy for me as possible.

The treatment was completed in 2 halves, 48 hours apart and proved to be much more comfortable. I was extremely well looked after before, during and after each session.

3 months later the results are amazing. I am over the moon. All residual pockets have shrunk to a level which is acceptable without the need for further intervention. This was I believe due to the knowledge and help I was given during the preparation for treatment, and the daily routine that I was taught during the preparation phase.

This was a totally different experience with very positive outcomes due I believe to the care and professionalism of the whole team.
Many thanks.”

Mrs. R. from Oxon

“I have had surgical and non-surgical treatment for periodontitis with 310 over the last 2 years. I was nervous about the procedures but 310 always explained very clearly and accurately what was involved and made great efforts to put me at my ease. The results are excellent and at my 3 monthly follow up appointments, Dr continues to offer expert care.”

Mrs. C. from Oxord

“What I love about 310 is how kind and friendly the whole team are, from the receptionist to the dental nurses to the dentists themselves. I always seem to have a laugh when I go and come out smiling….even though it is going to the dentist!
The most important thing for me when choosing a dentist is to find someone you can trust 100%. Dr is technically brilliant and I trust him implicitly. I really do believe I couldn’t receive better treatment elsewhere.”

Mrs. G. from Oxford

“What sets 310 apart, from other dentists I have had, is the painstaking care and precision he takes over everything they do. He never appears rushed and you always feel that you are getting the best quality of treatment possible.”

Mrs. G. from Oxford

“Four years ago, I had expected to lose a cracked molar, following the similar fate of the same tooth on the opposite side.
However rather than go ahead with the extraction, They performed a successful root canal filling followed by fitting a porcelain crown, thereby saving the tooth. It remains trouble free, and through Dr’s skill, further treatment such as an implant or bridging has been avoided”

Mr. M. from Oxord

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 310 to any new patient. He is by far the best dentist that I have ever had and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I have terrible teeth and have to visit 310 frequently. I have had lots of treatment, from root canal work, crowns and my first implant and cannot fault 310 for the excellent quality of their work.

Mrs. G. from Oxford